SUPRALASE®—All Laser, No Flap

SUPRALASE - All Laser, No Flap

First Colonial Eye Center is the only eye care center in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area that offers the newest form of technology in laser vision correction: the all surface, no flap SUPRALASE®. SUPRALASE was developed and patented in 2005 by our very own Dr. Rampona. SUPRALASE is safe for correcting myopia and astigmatism without the risks and complications inherent in LASIK flap procedures.

More than 10,000 patients have undergone SUPRALASE eye surgery since its inception.



SUPRALASE is a no-flap, all-laser eye surgery used to correct vision in those who suffer from nearsightedness or astigmatism. A patented, modified laser surface transepithelial ablation procedure, SUPRALASE allows for precise control in the removal of the epithelium, creating just a minimal defect that results in a short timetable for recovery—three to four days, typically. Most can have the procedure performed on a Friday and return to work on Monday! Because the average treatment’s depth equals one-third the thickness of a human hair and takes approximately 45 seconds, per eye, to perform, SUPRALASE is an ideal option for patients whose lines of work endanger their eyes, like pilots, Navy SEALs, or professional fighters.

What makes SUPRALASE different?


No matter the type of laser vision-correction, a doctor must get through the epithelium to access the area in need of treatment: IntraLase and LASIK both require a flap to be cut with either a microkeratome (blade) or a laser; photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), considered a no-flap surface procedure, calls for an abrasive like a brush or alcohol to scrape away the epithelium, as does LASEK. SUPRALASE® is also a no-flap surface procedure, but it uses only a laser to remove the epithelium.

These procedures, whether they require a flap (IntraLase, LASIK) or not (SUPRALASE®, PRK, LASEK), accomplish the same task: arriving at the treatment zone inside the cornea in order to reshape its stromal layer, so that light traveling through it is properly focused onto the retina at the back of the eye. SUPRALASE® is a much less invasive way of doing that, which enables enhancements (if necessary) without risk to the patient.

Advantages of SUPRALASE


The many benefits of SUPRALASE® include:

  • extremely low risk of complications related to in-procedure flap dislocation, difficult enhancements, ingrowth, ectasia, et cetera
  • less trauma for the patient (no corneal cutting or suction apparatus)
  • quicker, more comfortable recovery times compared to PRK
  • simpler, safer enhancements compared to “flap” procedures
  • an enhancement rate of >1%, usually age-related (45+)—by comparison, LASIK’s rate falls between 9–12%
  • procedural suitability for patients suffering from thin corneas or dry eyes
  • very high customer-satisfaction rate

SUPRALASE® provides what many people have been waiting for: the ideal combination of visual excellence and consistent safety without the risks and complications inherent in LASIK flap procedures. ” SUPRALASE® – All Laser, No Flap™.”

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